Organic Spa

Organic Spa at Palolem in Goa
The health & wellness industry of Goa as well as India is witnessing a tremendous growth in the Salon & Spa field and it’s the best time to be in the beauty and skin care industry. The beauty care industry is introducing new aesthetics technology, newer beauty techniques and newest beauty ingredients to improve the skin of individuals.


Organic Beauty Products of Goa
In the world of beauty products, the word organic is a labelling term which assures that the beauty or spa product has been manufactured through accepted methods that incorporate cultural, biological and mechanical practices that encourage cycling of natural resources, promote environmental balance, and conserves biodiversity.

Organic Skin & Spa Products in Goa
Organic skin & spa products are those products which have within its ingredients used for skin care, food, fruits, herbs or plants in its full forms as pieces or chunks of that particular ingredient. In Organic skin and spa products on the labelling you will see under ingredients the words apple, lemon, sugar beet, grapes, cucumber, lavender etc

Natural Skin & Spa Products of Goa
Natural skin and spa products are those products which have within its ingredients used for skin care extracts, concentrates, essential oils etc from the food, fruit, herbs or plants directly. In Natural products the ingredient has changed from whole food or plant to a topical skin care or nutritional product.  In Natural skin and spa products you would see Apple as Malus domestica, stem cells, Vitamin C or Citric acid derived from lemons, Resveratrol an antioxidant derived from grape skins or Lavender as Lavandula anoustifolia.

Organic Spa Services at Fatima’s Touch at Palolem in South Goa

Organic Body Treatments

Organic  facial  spa
Rs  800
Organic pedicure spa
Rs  700
Organic manicure spa
Rs  500
Organic  head spa
Rs  750

Organic waxing spa

Full leg organic waxing
Rs  500
Haif leg organic waxing
Rs  300
Full hand organic waxing
Rs  400
Half hand organic waxing
Rs  200

Organic Spa Massage

Feet massage
Rs  300
Head & neck massage
Rs  400
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